Flight 60 provides reliable home care ventilation and maximum independence. Remarkable comfortable, effective and safe ventilation delivered in an intuitive and easy to operate ventilator. The flight 60 ventilator is designed to address the needs of a wide range.

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Flight Medical Flight 60

The Flight 60 is a fully independent, Piston- driven, ventilator. The worldwide deployed Flight 60 is both a volume-control and pressure-control ventilator for invasive and noninvasive ventilation. Cost eective, value driven solution for reliable ventilation, across the spectrum of care.

Safe, Intuitive and Mobile

12 hours internal battery

Extensive alarm system

Exhaled volume monitoring

Integrated O2 sensor with in-use calibration

Simple to use with 7” color touch screen

Lightweight & portable – 6.3 kg

Advanced Monitoring:

  • Trends – display up to 72 hours

  • Lung Mechanics including Plateau Pressure

Full Ventilation Package

Advanced ventilation modes:

  • Pressure and Volume control

  • PRVC

  • Volume Guarantee mode

  • Bi-Level – Invasive & non-invasive

Pediatric to adult – 30 ml – 2.2 liter

Backup ventilation

5 programmable pre-sets

Optional Home care interface

Telemedicine ready

*Not all features and specification are cleared/approved in all market.

*Please contact Flight Medical or your local distributor for additional information.