Consider Trace your products partner. When it comes to ventilator solutions, we have the equipment you need with the inventory tracking and technology to deliver it rapidly.

We maintain strict quality control and preventative maintenance procedures to ensure proper calibration and functionality of our entire fleet.

HME Rentals

Since 2004, Trace has partnered with hundreds of home medical equipment providers to offer ventilator rental solutions. This partnership allows HME providers the financial efficiencies and inventory optimization needed to more effectively serve their patients while achieving desired clinical and economic outcomes.

Facility Rentals

Trace’s significant inventory pool allows facilities the convenience of product standardization and national coverage. In addition, Trace has several pricing options including daily, monthly, and long-term rentals.

Transport Rentals

Trace's product line includes an array of ventilators designed to operate in the most clinically demanding and space confined scenarios - ambulances and life flight.

Hospice Rentals

In an effort to support the ever-growing ventilation population in hospice, Trace has established key hospice partners to provide ventilators to this patient population.

Preventative Maintenance

Trace has a network of teams dedicated to the repair, maintenance, and documentation of rented and owned ventilators.

Managed Care Organizations

Utilizing Trace Medical’s Managed Care Organization network partner, SunMED Medical Solutions, Trace drives additional business to its customers


Trace was awarded its Federal Supply Schedule effective March 14, 2019. This contract allows Trace Medical to provide its products and services to beneficiaries of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and Indian Health Services.


Introducing Med Products®, our trusted partner for all accessories and disposables specifically tailored to our ventilators and for all respiratory supplies. As a valued customer we want to ensure you have all the information, tools and the best supplies at your fingertips. Here are some ways Med Products® can help ensure you get the right products, at the right time, for the best price.