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Medela provides efficient solutions to support clinicians with
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy management in all patient
care settings.



Invia Liberty delivers therapy confidence by actively controlling set pressure at the wound site 1. The pump quickly adapts the air flow cycle to the amount of fluid in the tubing for optimal system performance.

Click-in canister attachment and one-touch canister release button allow for easy canister exchange. Secure tubing attachment is guaranteed with the new Invia Quick-connector feature 2.

Intuitive and quiet pump operation promotes full integration in the patient's daily life, while patient comfort and mobility are facilitated by Invia Liberty's compact design and convenient carrying case.


Therapy Confidence

  • Reliable negative pressure delivery and control at the wound site 1

  • Intelligent blockage detection 1 from pump to dressing

  • Secure canister and tubing connection 2 with an audible click


Simplified Management

  • Intuitive pump operation and troubleshooting instructions

  • Compact design for patient comfort and mobility

  • Clinical flexibility with comprehensive dressings portfolio

Key features at a glance

  • Active exudate management and pressure control from the pump to the wound site

  • Pressure options from –40 to –200 mmHg including standard –125 mmHg

  • On-screen air leak indicator

  • New custom air leak modes for normal and large wounds

  • Easy and secure tubing attachment with the Quick-connector

  • One-touch canister release button

  • Choice of 300 ml and 800 ml disposable canisters with solidifier