The LTV® 1150 ventilator combines high-level patient care with clear, easy operation for the caregiver. A patient on an LTV® 1200 in a hospital or long-term care facility may transfer almost seamlessly to the LTV® 1150 to go home. This reduces strain on the patient and increases the caregiver’s confidence that their patient will have a successful transition to home. The LTV® 1150 ventilator offers easy and secure solutions for travel, reducing the need the for any changes in patient care, or caregiver training to move smoothly through both the interruptions and routines of daily life.

The compact shape of the LTV® 1150 ventilator allows unprecedented portability and convenience in a home care ventilator. Use the LTV® 1150 ventilator on a stand, in a backpack or in a custom carrier.

The LTV® 1150 ventilator with SprintPack Lithium-Ion Power System and travel with comfort and confidence. The SprintPack dual battery system provides up to 5 hours of battery power when fully charged. In addition, the LTV® 1150 ventilator has an internal battery for emergency back-up, providing an extra layer of security.

Physical specifications:

  • Weight: 14.5lbs
  • Height: 3.25”
  • Width: 10.5”
  • Depth: 13.5”

Variable Alarms:

  • Apnea Interval: 10-60 seconds
  • High Pressure Limit: 5 to 100 cmH20
  •  Low Peak Pressure: Off, 1 to 60 cmH20
  • Low Minute Volume:  Off, 0.1 to 99 liters
  • High PEEP: Off, 3 to 20 cmH20 above set PEEP
  • Low PEEP: Off, -3 to -20 cmH20 below set PEEP
  • High Rate: Off, 5 to 80 BPM
  • Alarm Volume: 60 to 85 dBA