VC integrates two separate devices including a ventilator and cough assist into one unified respiratory system for hospital, institutional, transport, and home environments. VC is controlled with an intuitive touchscreen operating system to deliver treatments in seconds instead of minutes.

 Ventec One-Circuit

The Ventec One-Circuit™ allows patients to switch between therapies with the touch of a button. Rather than several cumbersome tubes connecting to separate devices, the Ventec One-Circuit™ eliminates clutter to create one easy-to-manage system for comfort and peace of mind.

Circuit Highlighted Technology

ACTIVE CIRCUIT The inline design and dual bellows of the active circuit provide the performance of an active valve with the size and convenience of a passive valve.  The patent pending valve design supports cough and ventilation functions in a single circuit, combines the drive and sense lines into a single trilumen tube, which mitigate historical problems associated with condensation to optimize Vte sensing, accuracy, and triggering.

PASSIVE CIRCUIT The Ventec passive circuit is light, small, and easy to use. Our unique passive valve is designed to close the leak during cough exsufflation, thus making Touch Button Cough™ possible without changing circuits.

VENTEC HUMIDIFIER BYPASS The Ventec Humidifier Bypass allows the patient to remain connected to the humidifier while using the Touch Button Cough™ therapy.  The bypass attaches to the humidifier water chamber to allow humidified air to reach the patient during ventilation and insufflation.  Then, during

VENTEC SECRETION TRAP The Secretion Trap is added to the circuit to capture mucus after the cough and helps to make the Touch Button Cough™ possible. As mucus enters the trap, the VOCSN suction system removes mucus from the circuit.  exsufflation, check valves close to bypass the water chamber of the humidifier.


The VC critical care ventilator provides invasive, noninvasive, and mouthpiece ventilation.Designed to work in hospital, institutional, transport, and home environments, VC delivers a comprehensive set of ventilation modes and settings to meet patient needs.The advanced unified respiratory system combines responsive leak and circuit compensation as well as precision flow trigger controls to enable comfortable breathing and accurate therapy.


Cough Touch Button Cough™ therapy can be activated in seconds, without changing the circuit.

By unifying ventilation, cough, and suction into one system, it now takes seconds instead of minutes to administer cough therapy with Touch Button Cough™. The Ventec One-Circuit™ features a patent pending high flow valve design, allowing patients to use the same circuit for ventilation and cough.  Using the Cough + Suction feature, the suction is activated during the cough therapy to clear secretions.  Patients using invasive ventilation can use the Secretion Trap™ to easily clear secretions from the circuit.   Once the set number of cough cycles is complete, ventilation automatically resumes.

Touch Button Cough™:The VOCSN cough is activated with the touch of a button to make airway clearance easy. Patients remain connected to the ventilator at all times, and there is no need to disconnect circuits between uses. The system is designed to reduce the gaps in ventilation, decrease the risk of patient misconnection, and minimize exposure to the patient’s airway.


  • Customized radial blower and advanced software, allows VC to meet ISO 80601-2-12 international standard for critical care ventilators

  • Circuit compensation. Typically only found in critical care ventilators, circuit compensation helps overcome lost volume in the patient circuit.  This technology improves airflow delivery accuracy during volume ventilation, which is especially important for pediatric patients.

  • Therapy Tracker. The integrated Therapy Tracker records alarms and all changes to settings to the ventilator as well as all ancillary therapies.

  • Advanced Leak Compensation. VC automatically compensates for high flows and large leaks up to 75 L/min at 20 cmH2O.  This reduces nuisance alarms and allows the use of more comfortable noninvasive masks

  • Advanced Cough Rise Time. VC uses an advanced rise time algorithm during cough.  The system is designed to reduce the amount of mucus going back to the patient.

  • Breath Sync. When Breath Sync is enabled, VOCSN monitors patient breathing and triggers a cough at a natural point in the breathing cycle. The technology allows the patient to transition gently in and out of the cough therapy and seamlessly return to ventilation.